iOS Configuration
Appstelling iOS Configuration

Open Project In Xcode

  • Open Xcode.
  • Select Open another Project.
  • Open the iOS directory within your app.
  • Now, click on Done button

Change Bundle Name

  • Select your project file icon in Group and files panel.
  • Then Select Target -> Info Tab.
  • At last change Bundle Name.

Change Bundle Identifier.

Bundle Id is a unique Identifier of your of app on iOS and MacOS. iOS and MacOS use it to recognise updates to your app. The identifier must be unique for your app.
  • Select your project file icon in Group and files panel.
  • Select General Tab.
  • After Select General tab you can see the details of your application.
  • In Identity section, rename your Bundle identifier.

Change App Icons

  • see How to Generate App Icons?
  • In Group and files panel find “Assets.xcassets” folder.
  • In Assets.xcassets folder replace AppIcon.

Change Admob App Id

  • Open Xcode, Select the Info.plist from the file Manager.
  • Change the GADApplicationIdentifier value.
<string>Add your Admob appId</string>

Setup Firebase

In iOS Integration
  • First register your application.
  • Make sure the file you download in steps 1 is name GoogleService-Info.plist.
  • Move or Copy the GoogleService-Info.plist into the " [My_project] / ios / Runner".
  • Open Xcode, the right-click on the Runner directory and select Add files into Runner.
  • Select the GoogleService-Info.plist from the file Manager.
  • A Dialog will show up and ask you to select the targets, select the Runner.
  • Then add the CFBundleURLTypes attritubes below into the " [My_project] / ios / Runner/ Info.plist " file.
  • Then Run your Project.
Open Xcode and then open Info.plist file.
< TODO Replace this value:>
< Copied from GoogleService-Info.plist key REVERSED_CLIENT_ID>
<string>"Enter your REVERSED_CLIENT_ID"</string>


How to add URL Schemes in your project.

For adding URL Scheme please follow below steps:
  • Open Project in XCode.
  • Select the runner in project navigator.
  • Select the Runner in TARGETS.
  • Then Select info tab.
  • Scroll down and in URL Types selection added the URL Scheme and add the your identifier.